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Fri May 1 2020


The version 6.7.32 is now available for download. Do not uninstall the existing version to keep your data intact. This is probably the last FREE Version with validity as 31st July 2020. A new paid version is planned for release before July 2020.

Sun Mar 1 2020


New Version 6.7.30  has been uploaded with modified Installation/ Activation.

This is primarily a bug-fix release with New sorting charts feature.

All saved important charts can now be sorted on Name/ DoB/ Place/ Horary Question No./ Sequnce or 'Last Used Chart'

Sun Dec 15 2019


New Program Features

Vital Points Module- The new module on "Vital points (Energy points and Null points)" designed by Sh. Sai Sridhar is an important addition. This is result of past Eight years of systematic research by my friend Sh. Sai Sridhar. All astrologers are familiar with sun rise and set as the base reference for casting a horoscope. Similar to luminaries Sun and the Moon, all other planets also Rise and set. The four Important points are Ascending and descending horizons, Zenith and Nadir (Asc. IVth, VIIth and Xth cusps), which are same whichever house division we follow. The sun appears the brightest around noon Local mean time and it's at the zenith. For reasons of simplicity this point has been named as Energy+ Point of the Sun. Similar points of Energy+ for all planets can be calculated using KPStarOne with a simple press of a button. More details are provided on Vital Points page in the software.

Today's RPs Sign-Star-Sublord changes - I am thankful to Sh. P. Ramesh, Hyderabad for his valuable suggestions to include RPs for the day and also to Dr. B. Kanagasabai and other friends for pointing bugs. The inadvertent bugs due to which few pop-up windows got hidden have been corrected now in this version.

TSP Module- The new module on "Theory of Short Prediction(TSP) propounded by Dr.K.R.Kar" and module designed by Prof. Andrew Dutta has been included to facilitate users obtain quick answer to Horary Questions.

New User Interface- The new version has much cleaner interface, which is easier to work with and more user friendly. Many suggestion given by Sh. MVM Prasad and Sh. Suhas Gokhle has been included in this version.

Faster Start- The new version has faster start-up (particularly if you are not running on the latest processor) and also better handling of screen resolution. I am thankful to Sh. Suhas Gokhale for motivating me to work on these issues.

Transit Accelerator- Another change you will notice in ‘Transit Chart’, which has got Accelerator and de-accelerator for faster scanning of planetary movement besides Real-time chart.

Astrologer's Notes with charts- Now you should be able to save your observations & notes on various charts in your database for future reference/use.

Windows 8.1 & Windows 10 compatibility - Registry Changes- To make KpstarOne compatible with Windows 8.1 as well as Windows 10, there have been major change in Windows Registry to enable storage of program variables and settings. Now you should be able to save your settings without error.

Rounding Longitude degrees - Now, we do not round the D/M/S displayed unless it reaches the next full D/M/S e.g. 22°13’33.76” as 22°13’33” and not as 22°13’34” when choosing DMS format and as 22°13’ when choosing DM format. This is done to avoid confusion in Sub-lords.


I am thankful to Sh. Sai Sridhar for his contribution for Vital Points Module. I am also thankful to Dr. B. Kanagasabai, United Kingdom for his valuable suggestions for implementing LagnaDasa module as per Sri K.Bhaskaran ji and also testing them including pointing the bugs. The bug reported for security file version as well as others related to Windows 10 and Ayanamsa have all been corrected now in this version. The paper saving Idea for dasa printing given by Vikas J Bivalkar was good, the same has been included in the Vimshottari dasa module for One-Page dasa printing. I am also thankful to Sh. P. Ramesh, Hyderabad for his valuable suggestions to include RPs for the day under the Utilities Menu as "Today's RPs Sign-Star-Sublord changes" which was implemented in version 6.7.22.

Please do not uninstall your existing version to keep your Charts data intact.